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In Argentina, our Spanish teacher Ines is passionate about the Spanish language and the benefits learning it will bring to our students. Here, more than any other of our destinations, you need to speak the lingo to truly understand and take part in your elective. Ines gives us her top 10 reasons to learn Spanish (well she gave us her top 6, we added the last 4!).

  1. Learning Spanish will be easy and fun. Try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. The best way to become proficient in a language is to plunge right in. Immerse yourself in anything and everything related to Spanish. Have a love affair with the language and culture. Argentina is an amazing country - this is your chance to really explore it.

  2. Learning Spanish is necessary to keep pace with popular culture. Doing the Spanish course gives you the ability to step inside the mind and context of the Spanish culture. Without the ability to communicate and understand a culture on its own terms, true access to that culture is barred.

  3. Learning Spanish is actually a medical device! The Spanish course focuses particularly on the medical aspects of the language. This will help you feel more confident and well-prepared during your medical practice at the hospital.

  4. For many reasons, learning Spanish is rapidly becoming a business necessity. This could be a way to help you stand out in the future.

  5. Doing the Spanish Course will completely transform your travel experience - you will be able to get off the beaten track because you can talk to the locals.

  6. In the Spanish course, all the fundamental aspects of the language will be discussed in a fun and comprehensible way. You will have the opportunity to learn from a native speaker of the language, who will pass on to you all the nuances of the Spanish culture.

And the final four are the WTW teams favourites...

  1. Simon's fave: Its not just about learning its about the experiences you learn from. Empanada baking, tango dancing, city tours, market visits. This is a chance to get to know Argentinian culture.

  2. Abby's fave: The fact that it focuses on medical Spanish should not be underestimated. Where else can you get a course that focuses specifically on student electives.

  3. Ruth's fave: It's cheap! A weeks language course will get you from basic to competent and will also give you a head start in medical Spanish. You get to do all sorts of cultural trips which you would probably pay to do anyway, and all this for the small sum of £350. It would cost you a whole lot more to do the same kind of specialist course in the UK, and even if you decided to learn overseas, a course that included accommodation and meals would set you back considerably.

  4. Ali's fave: Staff are unbelievably friendly in the hospitals - very affectionate and lots of fun. It is a very different vibe to our African and Asian destinations and those that make the effort to learn the language will get the most amazing experience. You will be literally embraced by staff!

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