by Work the World

Jambo guys!

For this second Swahili language blog I have enlisted the help from Joe our fantastic Swahili teacher who teaches the students in the house twice a week.

Joe runs through a range of really useful words and phrases over the course of the short videos.

Below is an accompanying transcript of the language points Joe covers. We both hope this will really help you with pronunciation. Practice saying the words aloud as you listen, and in a few viewings you will be all set for your arrival in Tanzania!

Bahati Njema (good luck)!

Mambo – Hi, how are things?

Jambo – Hello

Poa – Cool (you know this one already from the last post!)

Safi - good

Bomba - Cool (you also know this one already from the last post!)

Mambo vipi? – How are you? (casual)

Habari? – How are you? (more formal)

Nzuri - good

Njema – good / well

Shikamo – Hello, how are you (polite/formal)

Marhaba – fine (polite/formal)

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