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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Samantha Lightfoot and David Evans are the winners of our Radiography competition, in conjunction with the Society & College of Radiographers. Congratulations!

Student members of the Society had to submit a personal statement as to why they would like to do a placement overseas. The judging panel included the President of the Society of Radiographers and the Director of Professional Policy.

Sam is a Diagnostic Radiography student and has chosen to go to Sri Lanka in July

"I am just going to dive right in and say, I can’t wait to get absorbed in the culture and learn all about the healthcare system of Sri Lanka.

This placement would challenge and broaden my thoughts on health care and Radiography, so that I could become a well-rounded radiographer that utilises experiences in clinical practice, as well as in ones’ personal life. I want to be dynamic and make an impact, however small, in whatever hospital or community I am lucky enough to work in. I want to meet people. I want to interact. I want to work hard in the team and give patients what they need. I want to learn. And I would do all of this on placement. This personal statement is anything but a formal, professional piece of literature, but I wanted to present the passion and interest I have in this!”

David is Radiotherapy student and has chosen to go to Dar es Salaam in June

“I believe the chance to work in a low income country would present many challenges, but would be infinitely rewarding, and would help to shape my care and practice in the UK.

Radiotherapy is so often concerned with the latest technical advances and cutting edge research; but there is a danger in looking forward so much we ignore the need and situation of people in other countries around the world. I believe this opportunity will help me and others gain a broader view of the cancer treatment in countries which do not have the same level of funding or technical advancement as our own.”

On a similar note, we recently placed our first Radiography student in Nepal where he noticed a dramatic difference in the level of healthcare available. You can read all about his experience here.

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