by Work the World

Last night was really cool, I went down to the lake and watched the fireflies and listened to the frogs. It was really nice and peaceful away from the hustle and bustle of the nightclubs and bars.

After the hospital we headed back to the house for our Nepali lesson, which was more of a culture lesson than a language one. We talked about marriage and relationship customs as well as the modernisation of the country; homosexuality was legalised recently and they had their first gay pride march too, which is a sure sign that they’re moving forwards from a human rights perspective.  However feminism has yet to reach Nepal, and even though women are regarded as “goddesses” they aren’t really treated as such. Prem, our Nepali teacher, told us how his mother washes his father’s feet every morning and drinks the water. Now I’m no raging bra burner but that really doesn’t compute in my head. It was a very interesting session anyway, and certainly cleared up a few questions that had been brewing about certain customs and habits that we have all witnessed. I also found out that apparently men and women don’t really socialise and they certainly don’t spend time alone together unless they’re married or having an affair, so this might make things awkward meeting up with some of the guys I’ve made friends with. At least I hope I’ve just made friends with them and not inadvertently married anyone. That would be embarrassing.

We’ve just had our weekly BBQ which was cut slightly short by the monsoon, but at least we got to watch some cool lightning shortly beforehand and apparently there’s a 3 hour lunar eclipse tonight so it looks like it’ll be a late one for me!

For now I’m dancing on the roof under the lightning, trying to avoid creepy crawlies… wish me luck

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