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Depending on where you go, students have the opportunity to get involved in lots of local festivals. It's a great opportunity to meet the community and experience the culture of another country.

Nathan, a Sheffield student in Nepal, sent us this report about the festivities in Pokhara this week...

"We all went to a mud festival in Pokhara today – it was absolutely amazing, so much fun!

First there was some traditional nepali music and dancing and then we went up to the paddy fields for the fun to really start. There was mud wrestling and mud fighting going on and some of us got pulled around the fields by the oxen.

The race across one of the paddy fields was also great -  2 of our guys came 1st and 3rd, which meant they won some beers. This made the day even better!

An international tug-o-war was next on the cards and "the tourists" came out on top in both the men and women events. It was pretty tough!

Fish catching in the mud and more mud fighting with a free lunch completed an awesome event, one of the funniest things I’ve done. Then it was time to jump on the roof of a bus to journey back to the house, get scrubbed up and then off to town for some much deserved beers and cocktails. Well, with just enough time to fit in another one of Krishna’s amazing rooftop barbeques first!

Festivals in Nepal are epic! "

Keep an eye on our blog if you are interested in different festivals. Our Work the World bases make sure they tell students about all the local festivities and show them where the best fun can be had.

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