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A lot goes through your head while you’re thinking about an overseas placement.
What will the wards of a low-resource hospital be like? What kinds of conditions will you see while you’re on placement? Will you get your first choice of departments?
And these are all important considerations. But people seldom think about how an overseas placement is possible in the first place.
There’s only one answer to that question —


Strong hospital partnerships

Caitlin Merriman (MERRIMAN23964)

Anyone can cobble together an overseas placement. But will it be any good?

To plan and organise a placement that’s worth your money takes time, skill, and experience. At the centre of all of the above there’s one crucial factor that can make (or break) your placement — the hospital partnership.

What sets our placements apart is the special relationships we have with our hospital partners.


In-person relationships


It all starts with our overseas teams.

Unlike other placement providers, you’ll benefit from the close in-person relationships we have with everyone in the hospital — from staff on the wards right the way up to the hospital directors.

If you choose to travel with us, you’ll get all the benefits of these relationships.

So, what exactly are these benefits?


You have enormous flexibility in the hospital

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A big part of what you get when you travel with us is flexibility. You can choose the kinds of hospital you want to experience, the departments you want to spend time in, and the shift patterns you want to do.

Want to do nights in a teaching hospital? No problem. Want to spend a week in a tertiary referral centre? Done.

You can even choose how you split your time between the departments you choose, one week here, one week there.

Unlike some other elective providers, you tell us the departments you want, and we guarantee you will get them. But that isn’t to say they’re fixed — you can change your mind even while you’re overseas and the local team will help move things around.

Again, this is only possible because the team has such strong relationships with our hospital partners.


Your learning opportunities are tailored to you


Unlike other providers, you won’t get an off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter placement. Your placement experience is entirely tailored to you and your level of education and experience.

You won’t be held back by any kind of enforced placement structure. As long as you stay within your scope of practice (and win over local staff), the learning opportunities are limitless.

You’ll see unfamiliar cases, practices and techniques, and unique cultural attitudes that shape how local healthcare staff deliver care.

The experience is completely different from placement in your healthcare system at home. And you’ll see all the complex challenges local staff face when hospitals don’t have the funds they need to provide a high level of care.


You get a high-level of supervision focused on you


We can guarantee supervision for the duration of your placement. Again, this is because we have such strong relationships with our partner hospitals.

Any supervisors you have will speak English and speak it well. So, even if you need to ask complex clinical questions, your supervisors will be able to give you detailed answers.

Supervisors are typically more senior members of staff in whichever department you’re in. They’re all highly qualified, and many of them travelled to study in America, the UK, Australia… 

Long before you arrive, our in-country team will brief your supervisors and staff in your chosen departments.

They’ll learn all about your level of experience and where you’re at in terms of your education. So, when you get to the hospital you can hit the ground running without wasting any time.


Here’s what it boils down to —


Our partner hospitals are totally independent of us as institutions. But our local staff are so deeply embedded in them that it makes no difference.

Your experience with Work the World when you arrive in the country, when you get to the house and meet your housemates and team, and when you spend time in the hospital will be seamless.

Because of that, you'll have the most immersive overseas placement that money can buy.

And now you can feel completely confident knowing that you get even more flexibility when booking your Work the World placement. We've also introduced additional procedures in our accommodation to give you total peace of mind while you're overseas.

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