Shenandoah University 2014

Physiotherapy, Ghana Takoradi

Six years ago, I went on my first mission trip with a small organization. From that point on I was addicted to the cultures of other countries and learning more about low-resource settings. I loved the idea of manual labor and hanging out with kids in the village, but always felt that I wasn't doing enough to really make an impact with my knowledge. This is where Work the World and Ghana came into my life.

Being able to use my physiotherapy knowledge in a Ghanaian hospital was a dream come true. I spent a whole year after I booked the trip thinking about how the experience would be and how much I would enjoy it.

The team of staff were the true definition of “Southern Hospitality”


I had high expectations about the lifestyle, culture, clinic, and travel experience. The best part of this experience is that from day one, until I got on the plane five weeks later, Work the World and Ghana exceeded my expectations with flying colors. The other students had such a strong passion for the hospital placements and travel that I felt like I was in a house full of like minds. We all got along so well and made instant bonds. The staff in Ghana would give so much of themselves to make sure we had the best experience. When my bag was lost at the airport they went to the store and got me everything I needed, then Frank took a “Tro-Tro” all the way back to Accra to retrieve our bags. The team of staff were the true definition of “Southern Hospitality”. The locals were so friendly, caring, and appreciative of us as medical students and tourists looking to learn as much as we could about the Ghanaian culture.

I loved every second of this trip, but the one thing that made me fall in love with Ghana was the time I spent after clinic. I worked out daily while I was at the house, but a few times instead of staying at the house I went on runs along the streets. As I ran I had people waving at me, smile, honk as they drove by, and young children try to run next to me. I felt like I was a local and belonged when I went out on my own. I also felt even more immersed in the culture with the sights, smells, and sounds as I ran down the streets. Ghana has a huge place in my heart and memories I will never forget!


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