Abertay University 2023

Nursing, Tanzania Dar es Salaam

I am about to qualify as a mental health nurse from Abertay University. 

I spent 6 weeks in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, 4 weeks in psychiatry and 2 weeks in paediatrics. I chose Tanzania because of how amazing it looks and I’ve never been somewhere like it before. 

It was such an eye-opening experience, from being in the psychiatric wards and seeing how different it is to back home and their way of working with a variety of mental health conditions. I also got a chance to learn about conditions we don’t experience in the UK such as HIV-induced psychosis.

I then spent some time in the paediatric burns unit and neonatal ward. It was amazing to see how nurses and doctors work due to conditions and lack of equipment and resources.

It has made me feel extremely grateful for what we have at home. We spent time visiting a primary school and cancer orphanage which was amazing spending time dancing and playing with the children. 

My favourite experience outside of my hospital placement was visiting the island of Zanzibar. I’ve never seen a place so beautiful and the locals are so welcoming and friendly.

I also got to experience a trip in Mikumi National Park which was amazing seeing lions, elephants and giraffes so close and naturally.

Something I will keep with me forever.


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