Bournemouth University 2015

Nursing, Ghana Takoradi

I chose to come to Ghana with work the world after hearing good reviews from a friend that had traveled with the company previously. From the time I booked the trip till the day before we left, I had excellent support from the work the world team. I was able to call them whenever and about whatever I wanted. They prepared me well for what I was going to experience within placement and about all the arrival information I would need.

The MyTrip section on the website allowed me to see what I needed to do pre departure to ensure I was best equipped. This included a packing list and visa/travel insurance information. Being able to access this all the time and getting reminders if I was behind on anything was excellent.


Since arriving in the country the support we have had from every member of staff has been outstanding. I have felt welcomed and able to talk to any one about any worries or questions I have had. Within the hospital setting with the nurses on the wards, and also Work The Work nursing support with whom we were able to discuss any issues or concerns we were having. The support within the house has been amazing, every single member of the team is so caring and helpful. 

I think the biggest shock for me however was not the lack of equipment but the attitudes of the staff.

The health care differences from Africa to England are vast, I have mainly spent time in the accident and emergency department where they have very limited resources. I think the biggest shock for me however was not the lack of equipment but the attitudes of the staff.

They have no concept of an emergency, they are never in a hurry. Furthermore the staff never come to work on time, for example if their shift was to start at 8 they may arrive anytime before 9, this is not only in the hospital, this is seems to the norm everywhere. However the people I general are so friendly and welcoming whenever you go I Ghana. 


I have had an amazing experience in Ghana, and this is mainly thanks to all the work the world team, I would recommended this to anyone. I think they mainly have students come here, but as a qualified nurse I have gained so much from the experience and would encourage anyone to go if they have the chance. 

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