University College Cork 2024

Medical, Ghana Takoradi

Megan is a 3rd-year medical student from University College Cork in Ireland. She recently spent two weeks undertaking a medical elective placement at our programme in Takoradi, Ghana. 

“The main reason I wanted to undertake an elective overseas was to experience different cultural approaches to medicine and healthcare, be exposed to patients with varying conditions and presentations, and see the impact of a lack of resources on healthcare. 

I chose Ghana as it was culturally different from anywhere else I’ve experienced. It also seemed to fit my interests and objectives. It was so safe and every single person was incredibly welcoming and friendly. 

I spent two weeks in A&E. It was so eye-opening in terms of approaches to healthcare in a low-resource setting. Although there were vast cultural differences, I had the opportunity to experience a different attitude toward patients, healthcare, death and sexual health - it was fascinating. Everyone in the hospital was very knowledgeable and welcoming. 

I was only in Ghana for two weeks so I had one weekend to explore the country. I went on an incredible trip to the Volta Region, it was so beautiful. We had some great tour guides and the food and accommodation were great! 

Living at the Work the World house was a great experience. There was a relatively small group when I was there, so getting to know people was easy. It was very sociable and the team were lovely. 

If I were to advise future travellers, I would say go with an open mind and be willing to try all new opportunities. The experience will be what you make it, and it was incredible.”

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