by Work the World

Are you unsure about travelling to a developing country for your elective? Are you in a quandary about where to go? Would you like to chat to someone about what it’s really like doing a work placement overseas? Well now you can!

Here at Work the World we have always recognised how useful it is for new students travelling with us to speak to someone who has already undertaken a placement. As a company, we try to prepare you as much as possible for your journey; from the differences in clinical practise to the culture shock of living and working in a developing country. But being able to sit down and have a chat with someone who has actually ‘been there and done it’ is invaluable.

The Work the World placements allow you to become part of a multidisciplinary team of international students
This summer, Work the World launched its Brand Ambassador programme, providing an opportunity for past alumni to stay in touch and spread the word through university events and presentations. We have also recruited a select few to work as campus representatives at their universities so that if you have any questions about which country to visit or what it’s really like working on a ward in Africa there will be someone available to speak to.

Hearing real student’s stories is the best way to decide if Work the World is right for you, and having travelled with us, worked in our hospitals and lived in our houses, our Brand Ambassadors are most definitely the experts! They can quash your worries; provide you with a unique insight, fill you with excitement and anticipation as well as let you know about all the added extras we provide...

We have students working for us across the UK as well as internationally so if you ever want us to put you in touch just let us know. Also, make sure you let us know if an electives event is happening where you are and we will endeavour to be there.

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